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Rainy Day Breakfast

When the weather doesn’t cooperate on a weekend, and you cant really do any outdoor activities, you do breakfast. And you go all out. This is a recap of what one does with a rumbling stomach, crappy weather, and a good amount of pork products.

First things first, bacon. This is the foundation of all of my breakfasts, and usually the driving force behind what I order at a breakfast restaurant. I was cooking for 3, so naturally I took the opportunity to use my handy technique (and also a past Tip of the Day) of adding brown sugar to the bacon and baking it off.

I’m going to let the picture show you how good it was. On to the next dish. Eggs. Another staple and wonderful canvas to create something delicious. I happen to have a medley of great scramble ingredients on hand. Black forest ham, red onion, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and sharp cheddar cheese. It’s all about order of operations when making scrambles or omelets. First went the onions with some olive oil to get them caramelized. Then the ham to get it crisp. Then the tomatoes for a few seconds followed by the spinach. Once the spinach was wilted, the eggs were added. Cooked on medium, the eggs were slowly turned and cooked until the held shape, but still runny. Here is when I added a small portion of cheese to help bind everything together. The heat was killed when the eggs were still soft and a tad runny as they will still cook while we got everything else in order.

To accompany the eggs & bacon, a generous pan of shredded hash browns were cooked with a happy amount of butter & salt. Also on the table was some beautiful molasses wheat bread from Uncommon Kitchen, my favorite. Lastly, there was some champagne and OJ, because what else are you gonna do on a rainy, gray Saturday!

Thanks to my guests Hiedi & Jess! Good Saturday!