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Don’t throw out your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. This meal is ingenious, as it is delicious.

If you’ve ever craved being able to throw together something delicious in minutes, this sandwich recipe offers just the right starter kit to send your cooking confidence through the roof! Even if you managed to pull off a successful Thanksgiving party, there’s always room to learn more.

Serve outdoors while the weather still permits, or as a filling lunch or dinner.

By the way, the bread loaf is toasted and crisp, to match that warm coziness you feel indoors.

Once you’ve mastered this making, move on to my other creations for getting the cooking and feasting momentum going for the holiday season and beyondÛÓwith easy to make, yet classic recipes.

Keep the holiday spirits alive, by giving thanks for the extras — you won’t have to throw away.


The idea behind this sandwich is not so much the ingredient list above, but the use of whatever you may have leftover from Thanksgiving. There are a few twists which we hope you will follow to make this sandwich epic.

Bread — We used some thick slices off of a French loaf, you can use anything that is crusty. It’s important your bread is toasted, before this next step. With your toasted bread, take the Roma tomato half and generously rub it onto one or both slices of toast. This should be a bit messy, but you will coat the toast with tomato pulp and it will be delicious.

Next, you will thinly slice some green apples and layer it on top of the tomato pulped bread. Then you will take a generous spoonful of cranberry sauce and place atop the apples. Now, on the other half of the sandwich, evenly portion out your leftover turkey and cover it with any cheese leftover (we used fontina, but any cheese will work!). Pop that into the toaster oven and toast until cheese melts. Remove this from the oven once the cheese is melted and top it with some fresh arugula or greens. Combine the two halves and enjoy! Best with potato chips & pickles.