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Blue Moon Recipe: Honey Glazed BBQ Chicken Wings

I love chicken wings. A lot of people love chicken wings. One of America’s biggest food debates is over chicken wings. Traditionally, these suckers are fried, then tossed in a Louisiana style hot sauce. I decided to twist this up a bit for a Blue Moon summer grilling recipe. First I took the wings and let them soak in a mixture of Summer Honey Wheat Ale, honey, fresh squeezed orange, and some orange zest. Separately in a sauce pan, I added half a bottle of the Summer Honey Wheat Ale, a good amount of Franks Red Hot, Honey, and fresh squeeze orange. I let this simmer and reduce until it became a glaze. The wings then went on the BBQ. Basting every now and then with the marinade, the wings cooked until nicely caramelized. Once finished, they were thrown into the glaze on the stove and coated.
I’m not trying to stir any big debates, but these wings were incredible. The BBQ added a wonderful char and flavor. The sauce was perfectly spicy and sweet. My friends and I ended up licking the plate! This all was also accompanied by a very simple roasted corn salad, which added nice balance to the wings. Get those grills ready and impress your friends with this one!


Use half the bottle of Summer Honey Wheat Ale and soak the chicken wings with a tbsp of honey and a squeeze of orange juice. Combine the rest of the beer, hot sauce, honey, orange peel, pepper & salt into a sauce pan and simmer for 20-30 min. Take wings out of liquid, and place onto a well oiled grill. Over medium heat, cook wings for approximately 10-12 min.

Once finished, remove from heat and place into sauce pan. Coat wings with glaze.