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AT&T Park – Delicious Ways to Save Money and Eat Well

oBaseball season is Back! For those that know me, know my passion for baseball and our SF Giants. We are blessed here in SF to have one of the greatest stadiums in Baseball (and for all of sports for that matter). And, being located in a foodie city, makes the eating at and around the ball park unparalleled. There are plenty of articles and lists about the top places to eat in AT&T park, and there are a lot. Let me be your guide for what to eat around the park AND be able to bring in! Lots of people don’t know this fact, you can bring any food item into AT&T Park as long as its in a disposable container. This little trick has saved me lots of money over the years. It’s the most cost effective way to enjoy some delicious food while watching a game (not to take anything away from AT&T park, but $16 for a sandwich is a bit steep). Check out my spots and enjoy one of the greatest sports venues in America.

Kellan’s GoTos:

Victor’s — 210 Townsand (@3rd)— I discovered Victors about 8 years ago and have been going back ever since. Boasting a traditional California style Mexican menu, they offer everything from street tacos, to full plates. But the real value are their burritos. They are delicious, and cheap! I usually lean towards Al Pastor, but the Chile Relleno burrito is legit. Note: They will stay warmon a normal night until about the 4th inning!

Hennessey’s Liquor Store – 525 2nd st (between Bryant & Brannan) This might take a leap of faith, but jump away! Hennessey’s is located on 2nd street, close to 21st Amendment Brewery. It looks like your average grungy liquor store, but they have a great deli and also a really cool back patio. Sandwiches here are what to get, it’s a Build your own type deli. Bonus, they bake their own rolls. At times it can take a while for a sandwich, but worth the wait. Grab a beer and sit in the patio while you wait!

Senor Sisig @ The Yard _- (McCovey Cove, parking lot A)The Giants did a great thing last year. They opened “The Yard” in the useless parking lot space on McCovey Cove. Its an outdoor venue, open 365 days a year with permanent tenants like Anchor Brewery and Bel Campo Meat Co. But, the real value of the yard is the food trucks. Senor Sisig is one of the most popular trucks in the bay and has a semi-permanent spot at The Yard. And it has a killer burrito. Plan for a bit of a line, but this burrito will make all of your seat neighbors jealous inside the park!

Little Skillet — 360 Rich st (between Brannan & Townsend — More of a foodie destination before the game, Little Skillet has some of the best fried chicken in the city. Yes, legit. Located inside a great pre & post game bar, Victory Hall, Little Skillet has some great Soul Food selections to keep your belly happy for 9 innings. My go-to, the 3 piece chicken box + Slaw & Potato Salad (I pick sides that will be good cold and travel well). This box is like KFC on crack. Get a trendy IPA while you wait and you’ll have a great dinner at the park!

Bonus Credit – Amici’s –Now Amici’s isn’t really a hidden gem, however with some minor foresight, you could make everyone jealous. You can time your entry into the park by calling ahead to Amici’s, ordering a large pizza, or whatever you want, and pick it up on your way into the park. Don’t be bashful about walking in with a full pizza box! I’ve done it… a few times.

Photo Credits: SenorSisig.com, Littleskillet.com, Yelp.com