Mustard Dill Flank Steak

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One of my all time favorite marinades! This recipe is great for any dinner, grilling event, or even camping! Fun trick is to freeze the steak with its… Read More »

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Corn Bisque

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This soup was originally served at a huge Farm to Table dinner on top of Homewood mountain.  The event was called Farm to Peak and we featured a… Read More »

thai-peanut-sauce-ms-buena-vida copypeanutpeanut suace

Peanut Sauce

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This is a great ‘everything’ sauce! Use it as a salad dressing, mix it with some cooked Top Ramen noodles, or use as a dipping sauce for spring… Read More »

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Chipotle Skirt Steak Tacos

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When I make tacos for myself or friends, I don’t usually write down or fully remember how I season the protein. Tacos are usually about making a ton… Read More »

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Guest Post: Kimchi 102 – Kimchi Pancake

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The follow up to Chef Johnny Gnall’s first post about Kimchi is probably equally as important.  Kimchi is delicious as a condiment, but to take that condiment and… Read More »


Soy-Ginger Ground Bison Lettuce Cups

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In the third and final round of recipe development for AgLocal I had the pleasure of working with some Ground Bison.  If you haven’t tried bison, or had… Read More »


Pastrami Cured Blade Steak

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It is a joy to work with high quality products.  I have partnered with AgLocal to create a few recipes featuring some of their incredibly sourced meat.  The… Read More »

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Guest Post: Kimchi 101

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We have a guest blogger on Kellan’s Kitchen! Welcome Chef Johnny Gnall to the site.  Johnny is a good friend, chef, and moonlighting comedian (not really, but if… Read More »


Red Wine Braised Brisket

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Living in Northern California has some huge perks.  We are a very short drive to some of the best wine in the world, we have an incredible farming… Read More »


Molten Chocolate Cake

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The classic, done simply. Don’t be shy, this is a very easy recipe! Impress your dinner guests and serve this decadent dessert. You can make well ahead of… Read More »