Open Face Crab Sandwich

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The best way to start crab season is with a simple sandwich. The sauce has been a family tradition for 3 generations. Its so simple, but crazy delicious…. Read More »


Toasted Bar Nuts

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A classic appetizer thats simple and easy! – Method Pre-heat Oven to 400* Spread out nuts on a sheet pan and place into oven for 7-10 minutes.  Remove… Read More »


Shaved Brussel Sprouts

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Adapted from Michael Symon’s recipe in Carnivore Brussel sprouts get a bad rap. They are making a slight comeback in some restaurants around SF, but they are usually… Read More »


San Francisco; Eating Out Part 2 – Intermediate

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Choosing where to eat out in San Francisco is sometimes a very difficult task. It doesn’t get easier the more you do it, in fact it builds more… Read More »


New Orleans

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New Orleans is one of the most iconic food cities in America. And, after my first visit, I would argue it is probably the greatest food city in… Read More »


San Francisco; Eating Out – Beginners Edition

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The most common question I am asked when cooking for a client is ‘What is your favorite restaurant in San Francisco?’ They might as well ask me which… Read More »


Sweet and Salty Podcast: Tailgating

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Its Football season! So, Marlo and I decided to focus on tips and recipes geared towards tailgating.  Everyone has their traditions when it comes to parking in a… Read More »

Peaches Grilled Finished

Sweet and Salty Podcast: Peaches

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When we were throwing around the idea of collaborating on a podcast we questioned the concept a bit before committing:  “Are we entertaining? Will anyone care? Do people… Read More »

Pork Chops and Peaches03

Roast Pork Loin with Grilled Peaches

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This post comes almost a year to date from when we actually worked on this project. Yet, it is perfectly timed with the height of Summer produce as… Read More »


Guest Post: Melon Towers

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Sophie Speer is the chef and founder of 7S Supper Club. Besides hosting a monthly dinner party in her San Francisco home, she also cooks her seasonal, local food… Read More »